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Learn how Asigra Tigris Ultra Secure Backup provides enterprise-grade protection for your backups.

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Immutability and air-gapping alone can no longer protect your backups

The problem with other enterprise backup solutions is that they can’t protect even immutable or air-gapped backups from the latest ransomware attacks.

New ransomware targets the backups by remaining dormant for months before detonating. Once it detonates, performing a clean recovery becomes impossible since you end up restoring infected data, resulting in an endless Attack-Loop. 

Meanwhile, cybercriminals try to steal system credentials and delete entire backups by pretending to be a system manager.

Asigra Tigris Deep Six Security

 Tigris is the world’s most secure enterprise backup software with advanced antimalware technologies that secure your last line of defense against hackers: Your backups! 

Bidirectional Antimalware Scanning

Asigra stops known and zero-day threats from reinfecting your restored environment. It uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, heuristics-based, and signature-based antimalware detection to detect threats.

Deep Multi-factor Authentication

A passwordless, multiperson, and biometric authentication chain neutralizes the ability to perform unauthorized changes even if hackers have access credentials.

New CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction)

Uncovers hidden ransomware that is deeply embedded in multi-layered files by deconstructing them before scanning for malicious code.

Two-Step Soft Deletion

Holds deleted backups for a designated time, and Deep MFA authorization is required to delete data permanently.

AES 256-bit Data Encryption

Protects your enterprise data at the highest level of security and compliance standards. (NIST FIPS 140-2 encryption)

Variable Repository Naming

Thwarts attacks that look for specific naming conventions to indicate the presence of backup data.

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