Reliable backup and recovery to protect your multicloud data

We help IT teams increase their data recovery confidence through our unsurpassed reliability, security, manageability, and affordability in data protection software. Recovery is Everything!


Award-Winning Technology


Control and conquer the exploding complexity
of recovering data rapidly, from the core to beyond the edge.

Anything can happen to your customers’ data, without warning, at any moment. Customer, product, financial, SaaS, email, and employee data—these are the lifeblood of your any business. When something goes wrong, you want to be there to help them get their data back. All of it. All the time. All correct. All at once.

Your confidence in your ability to recover data when it matters most, comes from trusting in the backup and restoration software you rely on.

Four Layers of Data Protection

Asigra’s breakthrough Hybrid Cloud Backup architecture combines a Cloud optimized scale-out architecture,
a Cloud backup and recovery software platform, and a Cloud API and management system to help IT Teams seamlessly and
efficiently manage, scale and deliver data protection services. 


Multicloud Backup Control

Manage, schedule and monitor backup sets. Granular multicloud control, no matter where the data resides or where you wish to store it. It’s VM backup, SaaS backup, container backup, physical host backup all rolled in to one easy to manage solution. Learn more.