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How Asigra Helps MSPs Lower Costs and Increase Revenue by 50%


In today’s enterprises, more data is being created and stored than ever.

Chances are, your customers are relying on a patchwork of solutions to keep their traditional and cloud data sources protected. What if there was a single, comprehensive solution that could do it all? You could eliminate many maintenance & training costs, resulting in increased IT productivity.

Asigra is that solution, and we are confident you will find it easy to sell to your new or existing customer base.

Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President of Asigra, will personally walk you through:

  • The performance & security benefits of a 100% agentless backup solution

  • How to turn Office 365, Salesforce & other SaaS users into recurring cloud backup revenue
  • How to win business from healthcare & financial services organizations, the top growth markets for backup
  • Whether to position cloud backup as a leading or trailing complementary service
  • Success stories: Heartland Business Systems, Highstreet IT Solutions, Long View Systems
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