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Get your copy of the Industry's first ever Data Recovery Trends Report


Comprehensive data protection is critical for today’s organizations. The greatest financial consequence of a data breach is lost business and trust which can have negative ramifications on revenue, capital and business operations.

Asigra’s new report provides business leaders with insights to evaluate their current data protection solution. It allows executives to evaluate their IT and operational efficiency and provides practical reasons for data loss so business leaders can be proactive within their organization to consider data recovery as a part of their overall business strategy.

Download the report to learn:

  • Why reliable data recovery is crucial to an organization’s overall data protection strategy
  • The most common type of data recovery requests and the average data restore size across vertical markets
  • How your data recovery practices compare against your peers
  • How pricing models that focus on the percentage of data recovered vs. the data stored are more fair

Percentage of Data Recovered by Enterprises & SMBs on Average